Donate time

Are you interested in becoming a part of the HMGC family?  We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities from weekly or once a month to a one-time event or activity. Volunteers are placed in positions based on interest, need, skills, location and availability.

On behalf of our curriculum we invite volunteers to join us and teach any of the these skills:

  • Income generation: cooking and catering, sewing, knitting, entrepreneurship etc.
  • Health education: sex education, HIV/AIDS, diet and nutrition, sports etc.
  • Computer technologies: basics, typing, office, internet and email etc.
  • Life skills: accounts, leadership, languages (english, kiswahili)
  • Environmental activities: alternative sources of energy, harvesting water, growing food etc.
  • Spirituality: enlightened living, social conscience, inner peace, meditation

... or other relevant subjects

Quotes from one of our volunteers, Virginia Mwelu, from the Starehe Girls Centre

"Being in the centre has made a big difference in my life and I thank God getting the chance to be part of the centre. I have learnt some skills like bead work - how to make different types of bangles, necklaces, chains among others. This is a skill that is going to help me in my life.

I have also interacted with the girls in class and outside a lot. We have shared our life experiences together. I have known that one must have their goals well set and strive to attain their dreams. Poverty should not be used as an excuse as to why one doesn't achieve their dreams. It is not necessary to be poor to be poor to remain poor.

It was also my first time to be in an informal learning centre and I can now clearly see the importance of such centres. They enable those who did not get a chance to get formal education to  come up with something to help them in their lives. May God bless all those who support the centre to continue touching lives of many."




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