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Mary Akinyi

My name is Mary Akinyi Otieno. Born in 1986 I was brought up and raised in a Christian family. After finishing my o levels I was recognized as an outstanding hardworking student who was dedicated to her work. Completing school was the best thing for me as I had so many dreams and ambition to pursue career in the Hospitality Industry.

This was not bound to happen since I had financial problems then I discovered and joined HMGC being in  aGirls Centre, was a learning and wonderful experience also it was a stepping stone in my career and that was the best thing that could ever happen  in my career and it gave me an opportunity in life to pursue my career.
Life in the Girls Centre was not that bad for me but it challenged me because I used to walk long distance so that I can be in college on time and sometimes without even taking breakfast but that was nothing to me because I knew for you to become somebody or to succeed in life you need to achieve your goal. I was close to my teachers and that made me to gain a lot in the end .I was a 3rd honor student whereby I was awarded with some gifts and a certificate. After finishing my college with so many difficulties I started looking for a Hotel for my attachment then went to Blue Springs Hotel. There life was somehow difficult because I had the same problems which I had during collage time. I used to walk also and make sure I am at work on time at 8.00 am. In Blue SpringsI worked in the kitchen department for 3 months and then promoted to a waitress for 1 month. After finishing my attachment I was given recommendation letter which had good remarks.
Today I am somebody in the society and also I thank god for giving me a great opportunity in life that’s when my dream came true I was employed in one of the best restaurant in town and am second honors after chef.
HMGC thanks a lot for the great opportunity you gave me because am somebody today work as a cook in Garden Restaurant in West lands. Thanks to Hawkers for my friends who are still there I can encourage you by saying that never ignore the power of dreams because they fire your imaginations and inspire you to reach the pinnacle of success.
Thanks a lot.

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