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Maurine Adhiambo

My name is Maurine Adhiambo; I come from a family of 9 people. I joined Hawkers Market Girls Centre 2010 through Irungu who told my mum about the centre and my mum was so excited to hear about it, by that time I was with my sister who had finished her secondary education but she was just at home, same applied to me. So the we went to the centre and were enrolled.
At the centre we did basic computer training, basic accounts, dress making, lifeskill entrpreneurship, vocational training e.g. Gardening, beedmaking, recycling, solar cooking, briquetting Girl guiding and also were were enrolled as Girl guides at the centre. And also we had Ted talks and they were so motivating and educating.

The course took one year and I learnt a lot during the course, since I did not know anything to do with with computer, dressmaking, but now I can use the sewing machine very well, and the interested thing is that at HMGC we learned and earned, i.e when one makes anything be it beadwork, or sewing we were being paid,  and also learned to be courageous and could now speak in front of many people.

So I found HMGC very interesting and it was like my home, through that I was exposed to many things e.g.  we went for a retreat at the Unite Nations, we had an opportunity to mingle with USIU students, I went for camping at the arboretum as a girl guide and had the opportunity to lead the girls, and we were so happy to come back with a trophy.
So after the one year I was so lucky to be employed at Honey care Africa as the Reporting Administrator, and all this was through HMGC, i was so happy and still I am because everything I deal with, I learned at HMGC, they really equipped me.
I just wanted to thank everyone at HMGC because they made me to be what I am now, because I can now help my parents where they are stuck, and even i educating my two younger siblings.
I just want to organize if I can get time at least one day every week so that I can be going to the centre to share with the girls and even offer them basic computer training, because I have learnt a lot at honey care. Thank you.

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