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Yvonne Matheka

I am very fine, happy with nursing, enjoying every bit of it. I got a new placement two weeks ago, to a surgical ward. Nursing is not an easy job, but i think its the best. I got a very good orientation to the ward on the first day because i was very new then. I met patients with surgeries, though not all of them. At first it was abit challenging because i hadnt seen a patient in coma or with sutures. Its scaring at first, but with time you get used to it. Today i removed a catheter from a female patient for the first time since i went to the wards. It was such a nice experience because i did it practically. Am learning so much everyday and thats why most of the time i get very tired and i forget sent emails. I will be in the new placement upto 15th september then i shift to another ward. I like nursing, and i dont regret being a nurse. Have learnt to appreciate life everyday that i wake up healthy and with a sound mind. I know that its not everyone has the same abilities like i have. Sometimes i nurse patients with alot of pain, disabilities, fructures, tumors and others in coma. I learn so much from them and i see different conditions and how they are managed. Am looking forward to working very hard, and going to higher levels. Thankyou for your support all along, may the almighty reward you according to his riches in heaven.  We have mentors in the wards - qualified nurses who are experienced, so incase of any difficult we consult them. I will sent you my photos as soon as possible with my story since i joined this nursing school. Its one among the best schools, recognized world wide and am happy to be a student here. Thank you so much, hope you will sent me the highlights on what to right.

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