Donate Money

We appreciate your interest in helping us to run the centre. Monetary donations are important in accomplishing Hawkers Market Girls Centre's mission. One hundred percent of your contribution will be used to support the girls. Last but not least you can support the centre by purchasing our products. We are very pleased to manufacture products according to your wishes. Thank you!

Your donation helps however small - every dollar counts:

  • 4$ will feed 18 girls per day
  • 20 $ will feed 18 girls per week
  • 60$ will send one girl to school for one year
  • 390$ will send one girl to college for one year
  • 650$ will give free food and free education for 20 girls per month

FAO/WAGGGS' Mini Project Fund 250$ 2010
This Fund enabled us to set up a project to Grow for food security and beauty at HMGC.

The plot which belongs to the centre was badly maintened, the soil was poor, providing no area for sitting and teaching outdoors.
One import way to achieve food security is to educate the people - although most of the people in Kenya work on the land in one way or an other their knowledge is rather limited.  This project will provide practicles of sustainable agriculture and urban farming for all the girls and their communities.
As a result of the Funds we now have a lawn to sit on, it is possible to teach outside amongst flowers and herbs. We installed a small nursery to grow our own seedlings. We constructed different patches to practice sustainable farming – this ensures that crops are rotated. We produce our own compost and also liquid fertilizer out of water and organic plant material, we do mulching. Plants are sprayed with liquid made by ourselves from herbs in the shamba. This makes it very sustainable especially as we used water harvested from the rain. We now grow a variety of vegetables like: kales, onions, salad, cowpeas, beetroot, pumpkins, amaranth, spinach, spider plant, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, beans, celery and herbs which we use for cooking or teas.We are also working with vertical gardens e.g. container gardens so that also families without any land, benefit from this experience. At the same time we educate the girls about the need of sustainable agriculture like crop rotation and intercropping, knowledge of typical diseases and biological methods, use of the different vegetables we grow etc.




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