Here is my story 
Rebecca Wangui
Alumnae of HMGC 2011
Rebecca came to HMGC because Momo Wairimu told her about it in Huruma 
I spent a year at HMGC 
Shamba work. Growing and cooking food. Dressmaking. 
My step father was drinking a lot and abusive. Being at HMGC helped me get away and take control of my own life.  
I was a girl Guide and learnt my values. We went to the Arboretum for nature walk. 
I wrote my own CV and was given a place at Revlon. 
I went to Revlon for one year where I learnt hairdressing , customer service. After that Kilen took my Cv  to Ashley's. They gave me a job in their Buruburu Branch. 
I am now at West Gate Good Life Pharmacy. I applied through a friend. 
I am happy here. I learn a lot. We get in house training on customer service, smiling, being presentable. We learn about health and health products. I can take stock. I am also at the cash desk. 
I would like to tell the new girls at HMGC. Work hard. Be patient. Do not give up. Have fun. Follow your dream. 
I am happily married and have one son who is one and a half years old.



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